Found Money

Yesterday I rolled up some change that I’d collected for the last year or so. I started throwing money in this sturdy cardboard box when I lived in South Carolina, then I moved briefly to PA and carried it with me. I’ve been adding to it over the months with my loose change. I also went about the house and gathered up change I found lying about.

You won’t believe this. Just over $94 total. I left 3 $10 bills on the counter for the change that I collected that wasn’t mine, and the rest – $64 – was all mine. I can’t believe I collected $64 in change in just over a year. Amazing!


The box is sitting here, waiting. Waiting for Coinstar to offer a deal where they top off $40 in change with an additional $10 credit for using their service. They’ve offered that often and I usually take advantage of it, but last year I was living in a motel room in PA for the holiday season and I was using every dime I had to survive. This year? I’m patient, I’ll wait them out. It will happen, and I’ll get $50 toward Amazon.

A little scary that Coinstar keeps track of the money I turn in…my last trip was $15.73 in Amazon credit.

Sign up for a Coinstar account – it’s free, and they’ll send you special offers by email.  Redeeming coin for credit is free – they don’t deduct a fee.

How much spare change do you have lying around the house, and are you going to put it to good use?


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